My Opinion of 50 Shades of Grey (The movie)

Posted by Lady Cyn Aptic on February 28, 2015 at 1:35 PM

Just watched 50 Shades of Grey, wow that was tame... nothing not consensual there, she explicitly agreed or literally asked for everything clearly, and kinda made me feel bad about myself from the way she was reacting. I've done far worse and enjoyed far worse done to me with no remorse or guilt... also bad acting and dialog sounded like a 5th grader wrote it. She's a pussy who shames and judges him for things she agreed to, and he's a poorly written character who makes it seem like in order for someone to want to engage in BDSM they have to have serious mental issues or an abusive childhood (not true at all). BDSM should be liberating... kinda made me cringe to watch that. Also boring sex scenes... ice and feathers and rope bondage... with the *worst* thing happening (which she asked for) being 6 smacks in the ass with a belt? Please.

This was 50 kinds of cheesy romance.

The people labeling this as abusive or domestic violence are out of their minds. He tells her what he's into, he gives her safewords (uses the same ones as me, actually), he negotiates the contract, respects her hard limits, repeatedly asks her if things are okay and if she enjoyed them, and the only part of the movie that could be considered "abusive" she asks him for ("show me the worst" "are you sure" "yes")... then acts like he beat her bloody with a knout (it's a Russian whip used for corporal punishment, look it up, it's nifty) versus a few tame belt smacks.  I was rolling my eyes when she was crying (and yet she did not safeword...).

So my main problems with this movie are as follows:

1. Anastasia obviously does not research BDSM or D/s relationships, and has no interest but goes along anyway... she finds it repulsive and assumes there is something wrong with someone and they need to be fixed if they consensually enjoy giving ot receiving pain.  She treats Christian as though his interests are crazy.  Because all relationships must fit into a teenage girl's ideal and that's what everyone wants, right?

2. Christian is crazy/does have emotional and control issues and it seems as though he "doesn't really want to be this way".  This perpetuates the notion that anyone into BDSM is broken.  BDSM should be liberating and fun, not something to "recover from".  This probably bothered me the most.

3. The BDSM represented was incredibly tame, this was most a cheesy "I can change him" kind of love story.  If *this* was controversial to the vanilla world I don't wanna know how the vanilla world would react  to my sex life... it was mostly like an unpleasant window into the mind of a vanilla person's perception of BDSM.  And it sucked.

The end.  I won't be watching the sequels.  


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