What I am Willing to Barter/Trade for This Year:

Posted by Lady Cyn Aptic on February 4, 2015 at 9:20 PM

People are always asking me if I'm willing to do sessions for trade or barter... usually the answer is no, but for those who might be able to provide some of these things or services, I will *consider* it.

*Driving Lessons - I'm getting my permit in the next couple of weeks and, while I have had a couple of offers, I'm not certain if they are reliable.  Essentially I would like to get as much practice as possible with an experienced driver and get my licence by early March at the latest... so this would need to be someone with time to teach at least a couple times per week.  The exchange for session time would be based on the average rates charged for driving lessons in Los Angeles.  

*Tattoos - I have several hours of work I want to get done, including a couple of cover ups, some bigger pieces, and a partial neck/skull piece.  *Must* be an experienced tattooer with a portfolio, not a scratcher (though I have seen some beautiful work from people who can't get licensed due to citizenship requirements - I'm okay with that, as long as I can see a portfolio of your work).  The exchange for session time would be based on the tattooer's regular rates per hour.  Hopefully, this would be a long term arrangement.  Experience with piercing, scarification, and other body mods a big plus.  If you can also craft hooks for flesh hook suspensions and pulls, that's an even bigger plus.

*A Used Car - Obviously this would be for after I obtain my licence, and ideally by June.  I will be looking for something with good MPG, automatic, and preferably a Honda or something with similarly easy to replace parts.  I would strongly prefer a hybrid or a station wagon or van/something with room in the back, but it's not an absolute preference.  Exchange rates for sessions will be based on estimated blue book value.  I'm not looking for anything estimated at over 5k.

*Household Repairs - Essentially handyman services from fixing a faulty oven or heater to basic plumbing to repairing water damage on hardwood floors to teaching basic carpentry - bonus if you have a workshop.  This one would be more difficult to estimate as far as a fair exchange, but I'm willing to play it by ear/as needed.  

*Hunting, Wilderness Survival, Rifle Shooting Lessons, and More - I've shot guns plenty, but have little experience with rifles; I've made shelters while camping from scratch, but never a fire; I've been fishing, but never hunting... etc.  I have a strong interest in wilderness survival but I haven't had as much opportunity to get out there as I would like and want more hands on experience.  Some of the things I either want to learn or want more experience in are archery including fashioning a bow/arrows, hunting (respectfully, using all parts of the animal), trapping, spear fishing, knife making, knife throwing, plant/tree identification and uses, starting a fire from scratch,building more elaborate elevated shelters, using a rifle, etc. - someone with military experience would probably be ideal for this.  Exchange can be negotiated.  

*Serious training in Krav Maga, Kempo, Ninjitsu, or Ju Jitsu - A long time desire of mine has been to seriously pursue training in one of these martial arts.  I'm looking for someone who either runs a class or can give private lessons once a week and who knows how to work around my knee injury (torn meniscus, easy to reinjure).  This one is something both parties would need to commit to, as I would prefer to work with the same person for an extended period of time versus briefly as I have in the past.  

*Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Scuba Diving, Spelunking, Etc. - If the nature/survival thing didn't tip you off, I'm all about adventure with some danger.  I might be willing to trade session time for an exciting experience.  Make me an offer and we'll go from there.     

*Camping Equipment, Tools, Swords, Antique Medical Tools, Ancient Artifacts, Firearms, Etc. - Told you I was weird... I might be willing to trade services at value for high quality camping/fishing equipment, high quality tools (for cutting/sewing leather, building/crafting, plumbing, etc.), unusual or antique knives and swords (especially Japanese or Native American), antique medical tools (like trepanation drills, metal syringes, etc.), ancient artifacts (especially Egyptian or Sumerian - certificate of authenticity required), rare or first editions of some books, and legal firearms.  I have a variety of interests... this is probably the most eclectic category and only here on a whim, but worth mentioning.  Who knows who has an old human skull, high quality katana, or a first edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead I might want lying around?  :P 

Besides this, my likely answer will be no.  The most common offers I get are for webpage design (I can design and code my own webpages, I've done it from scratch before and am doing it for my friend's business later this year, it's just easier for me to use a service for my Domme site and not invest the extra time for maintenance - hence not interested), video editing, photography, massage, and housework.  I'm not interested in any of these things for trade, sorry.  If you have something to offer not on this list that it seems I might be interested in, go ahead and email me... but make it good.  ;)      

All this being said, 99.9% of the time I will prefer a monetary donation.

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