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I am a sadist, a bitch, a fetishist, a dominant, a pervert, a realist, a pariah, an intellectual... but not an escort with a whip. I am a bit of a wild child and intricate contradiction, I dance to my own tune and am unlike anyone you will meet. I value my pursuit of freedom and knowledge above all else. I am ever changing, always on the go, and play by my own rules - NOT YOURS.  I have over 13 years of experience pro and personal, and as such have developed my interests and am VERY skilled at what I do.  No back talk!

Some examples of things I LOVE to do are sensory deprivation and overstimulation, fire and wax play,  trampling,  mummification, electrical play, CBT and ball busting, nipple torture, foot pampering, blood play and piercing (favorite), sensual knife play, medical play, corporal punishment, beat downs, bondage, golden showers, chastity, domestic training, roleplay, and anything creatively cruel.  I work with absolute newbies and seasoned players, and scenes with me can range from light to excruciating.  I'm not a screaming harpy, more of a mischievous sadist whose eyes light up when you wince and laughs at your pain.  I've never gotten the complaint of not being challenging...

Some things that I DON'T like fall in the line of smart ass masochists (or SAMs), topping from the bottom, being asked about my personal life/dating status, and scripts.  I enjoy playing with all genders in various ways, and accept male, female, transgendered, and couples for sessions.  Needless to say, I don't offer escort services or happy endings.  If you must cum during your session, I prefer you do it in a way that will amuse me... with your ass against the wall and your jizz right in your face for example, or following a count down at my command.   I prefer those who are looking for more than JUST that kind of release, however - like release of power, control, or endorphins.  If you are only in it for a sexual release, I suggest hiring a hooker.

NEVER ask me to do sexual services, nudity, brown roman or red showers,  adult baby play, beastiality, castration, rape fantasies, cuckolding, wrestling, pimping, or drugs.  Those are hard limits, just telling you now.  This is my face when people ask me for things I specifically take the time to clearly say I don't do.

...yeah, so don't do it.

If it seems like we're on the same page so far, feel free to read on.   For those still reading, here's a bit more about me.

Location: Culver City, CA (West LA)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 102 lbs.

Nationality: Polish

Foot Size: 7.5 or 8

Hair: Currently Dark Red

Eyes: Blue/Green

Favorite Colors: Black, Red, and Green

Favorite Liquor: Scotch, Absinthe, Sake

Favorite Cigarettes: Organic American Spirits or Djarum Cloves

Favorite Food: Hamachi Sashimi

I have tattoos and piercings.

I study Egyptology and ancient religion A  hobby.

I'm a college student studying astrophysics.

I read Latin and Middle Egyptian. 

Occasionally I enjoy hook suspension.

I like both Metal and Opera.

Generally I'm a contradiction.

I have worked at Passive Arts in Los Angeles, Fantasy Makers in San Francisco, what is now the Continuum in Chicago, and independently since I turned 18.   I always play safely, sanely, and consensually.