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Information for New Clients (experienced and non)...


At least read the following short answers before booking/contacting me.  

If curious for more information on any topic scroll down to the corresponding numbers/titles in the "Long Answers" section below.  


1. Appearance - Yep, that's me; 5'3" 102 lbs, red hair, pics on this page taken 9/4/14 - usually more casual dress in person, I do take wardrobe requests.  

2. Availability - Don't call expecting to see me in ten minutes - I'm a person with a busy life and other interests (sorry to ruin the illusion), as likely are you... it's best to inquire.  Same day sessions are sometimes possible.  

3. Experience and Safety - Over 13yrs experience in all aspects of BDSM, lifestyle kinkster and sadomasochist, knowledge of anatomy, safe, clean, I know myself, I respect but push limits, no fatalities or unwanted injuries thus far!  

4. My Style/Preferences - Mischievous, creative, and truly sadistic.  I'm playful, but not a sensual Domme.  I like to laugh (at your pain or with you), try different things, explore anything taboo, and I like sessions to be organic versus planned to the letter... I prefer to be myself and go with the flow versus act.  I don't follow Old Guard formality unless the scene calls for it.     

5. Rates - First session: $100/30 minutes, $200/60 minutes.  Returning clients: very flexible/negotiable rates/lengths of time.  New: if you book without multiple emails/calls/etc. you get the discounted rate of $125/hr for keeping it simple... I'm a full time physics student, I don't have time for the back and forth.

6. Who I Work With - Currently nobody except Fetish Jade (fee increase, located in Tarzana).

7. Booking a Session -  Call to book when you know what you want and availability.  I will be polite, respectful, and friendly -  I expect the same.  I will not dominate you on the phone.  No blocked numbers, pay phones, calling services etc. - it tells me you aren't serious.  Google voice and burner phones are okay.  Text versus voicemail if you can't reach me on the phone.

8. Where I Session - I normally session out of my well equipped apartment in Culver City with extensive toys from strap ons to floggers to electrical and sharps, antique exam table, and more.  I can do outcalls if you call me an Uber.  

9. What I Expect - You should have good hygiene, be sober, on time (not early or late), respectful, and have your donation ready when showing up for a session.  Be discreet, save your sexy CD stripper outfit for after you get in the door. :P   

10. What to Expect - First time: you will get my cross streets after confirming and you are expected to call again for my exact address after parking.  We will usually chat for a few minutes before starting the session.  First time meetings are a "getting to know you" time where I see your reactions and gauge your limits - after that, we can expand.  

11. What NOT to Expect - I do not offer sex or "jobs" of any kind, I do not go topless or nude, I do not allow body worship above the knee, I'm not a cuddler/touchy, and I do not offer brown or red showers.  I also will not date you, violate your limits, break your discretion, "surprise" dominate your friend or significant other, send you to the hospital, cut off your balls/cause permanent damage, or make you my personal slave.  


My number and email are at the bottom of the page.

^Most recent picture of me, taken 1/31/15

Why Reading This was Important to You - Two main reasons.  Since the recession, there's been an explosion of new "Dommes" in the scene who have no experience and could put you in danger, steal from you, make you sick via improperly cleaning toys, or otherwise cause you harm/take advantage.  You might not know what to look for, or you might be thinking with a different head at the time of booking without these concerns - but they are important.  You are also spending money for a quality (or at least not terrible) experience, so it's important to know if the person you are seeing is compatible with your interests.  I know myself well and I'm honest - my full list of "will nots" is very frank and on my Session Info page.  Sometimes liking a person's "look" does not mean they are the right person for you.  People ignoring this has happened, and it results in a mutually crappy time.  Many people call impulsively or in the moment... if you have this moment once, you'll have it again.  It's better to do a little extra research so you can have something to go on for the next time versus wasting your money on a shitty scene or compromising your health/safety.   

Why You Reading This is Important to Me - Doing sessions is incredibly fun - when it happens.  It's fulfilling and I love developing the dynamic and seeing how various people tick, bodies and minds react, etc.... having a long term interaction and helping people more deeply explore, or sometimes even just having a great one time session with someone compatible passing through town.  This is the only reason I am still "in the game" - when it happens, it's great.  That's what many want, and I am happy to provide.  But most sincere potential clients are not aware of or don't believe the frustrating part of the job, the extent of what we deal with and why we create so many hurdles and can seem hesitant to really get excited about a potential session with a new unknown with no references.  We basically get dicked around a lot and make a science of looking for red flags - thus I appreciate a new potential client reading the above and jumping through the hoops for their first appointment.  It gives me a lot more confidence that our session will actually happen. 


1. Appearance: Red hair, 5'3", 102 lbs. as of 2/3/15.  I tend to dress more formally for photo shoots than I do for live sessions (where I usually wear a nice dress and combat boots or something similar unless requested otherwise - if you have a wardrobe preference please let me know when booking your appointment.  I see more of my regulars in normal street clothes than I do in costume, but I'm happy to dress up - a session is more about the energy between us for me versus the clothes I'm wearing.). 

2. Availability: I generally will not be available "right away" when you call me... I don't sit by the phone waiting for people to call decked out in leather ready to go and being serviced by multitudes of slave boys... I could be at the grocery store, studying or at school, fixing someone's computer, at the vet, playing video games, or otherwise going about my day.  Generally if I post that I'm available on Twitter I will be available for same day appointments... but even this typically requires at least a couple hours of notice.  I do, however, have a couple of regulars who can never predict their schedules and who can only give me 20 or so minutes of notice.  I can accommodate this if you are patient and can bear with me.  If this is your situation please contact me for the first time when you are not attempting to schedule an appointment, instead, let me know this is either your preference or a requirement due to your schedule, take care of your first time deposit, and then when you do contact me again to book a session last minute I already know the deal and can reciprocate the effort if possible.  My ideal preference is that you book at least a day and no more than 2 weeks in advance.

3. Experience and Safety: I've been a pro and lifestyle player for over 14 years - which basically means I have a ton of experience with a variety of activities and you are more likely to get injured  in a car accident on your way to a session with me than you are to leave with permanent damage, traumatized (unless you want to be), or in real danger of any kind.  I know how to push limits without breaking them and always offer recovery time after the session if needed.  I have a strong knowledge of anatomy, practice proper sanitation, understand that some do not want me to leave marks or only leave marks that will heal in a given period of time, while some want me to leave as many marks as possible to remember me by; I know the ins and outs of the human body particularly well from both study and experience, and I know everyone is different and can adjust accordingly.  I have fun playing with people at all levels, as I always put my own twist on a session to make it exciting for me within any given limitations (we all have limits... if you claim you have no limits your lack of experience is showing :P).  After a comfort level is established, usually after a few sessions, most will begin to share more of their fantasies and begin to really expand their horizons - that bond is rewarding and always comes naturally.  I understand that seeing a new Domme or seeing a Domme for the first time can be intimidating or scary... but remember I'm also a person providing a service, I have nothing to gain if you don't want to come back.

4. My Style/Preferences:  The main thing I get told when people meet me for the first time is that I'm much friendlier and less intimidating than they expected.  From some of my darker interests I suppose I can give the impression that I'm just waiting to make you suffer indiscriminately in and out of scene and that you must cower in front of me, but this isn't my style or preference.   I *am* very sadistic and enjoy pushing your limits, but I also like to have fun and laugh.  I mostly thrive on reactions.  A scene with me can be, but does not need to be formal in any way.  I can enjoy bantering about spirituality or politics etc. while I'm challenging you to take harder and harder kicks to the balls or enjoying your responses to me torturing your nipples and having a good laugh.  I also enjoy being very strict and intense and taking you over the edge into sub space, uncertain what will come next... I typically go with the flow and whatever comes naturally with our dynamic, building from that organically - mostly I like to keep you guessing and enjoy variety.  Out of scene, I'm polite and accommodating.  The more we get to know each other the more we can explore.  I enjoy scenes anywhere from foot pampering and worship to a variety of roleplay to being entertained by your humiliation to extreme sadistic scenes.  For more information on the things I like check out my Intro and Session Info pages.

5. Rates/Deposits:  Already covered it, but longer sessions are pretty much just doing the math, in special circumstances/for special atypical requests rate can be determined.  If your session involves the use of "one time use" equipment like needles or disposable cauterizing pens and etc. or sounds which need to be autoclaved/specially clean, there is an extra fee.

6. Who I work With: Currently nobody besides by special arrangement with Fetish Jade, in this case the session would take place in Tarzana and would be a minimum of $450 for us both.  I can also use her dungeon for sessions... but in that case my fee for an hour is $250 firm for rental fees and travel time.

7. Booking a Session: You can call or text me to book a session, if you are not ready to book I prefer you send me an email or a text.  Above all, be polite - do not expect me to dominate you over the phone, do not be demanding, and don't be overly explicit.  Besides not expecting me to dominate you on the phone, do not expect me to go into a play by play of your potential session... this communication is simply for getting a general idea of your interests, limits, etc. and setting up an appointment.  If you need to masturbate, do it on your own time or call a phone sex line.  If you would really like to plan and go over your session step by step with me we can negotiate an extra donation for my time.  I need to be able to call or text you back via whatever number you're reaching me from - so things like burner phones or Google Voice are okay, but other calling services, blocked numbers, and pay phones are not.  If you truly cannot call or text me from a number I would be able to call or text you back on (I'm very discreet), please let me know outright and we can work something out.  I appreciate the need for privacy.  Before calling, please have an idea of what you want to explore with me and an idea of when you are available.  If you're not sure and this is your first time booking with a dominatrix, I will ask you to describe what you expect or how you picture a session going - don't call blindly expecting me to tell you what you might be interested in trying.  Lastly, if you cannot reach me, send me a text versus leaving voicemail - I rarely if ever check it.

8. Where I Session: I typically see clients out of my spacious well equipped domestic play space in the nice part of Culver City close to Sony Studios and UCLA.  I have a variety of equipment I've collected over the past 13 years, some dungeon furnishings, and always have water and juice on hand if needed for recovery times.  This is my private apartment, so there is some limitation on noise level - especially late at night.  I also offer outcalls if you call me an Uber or Lyft and sometimes get a hotel in a different area that I announce on Twitter.  I do have cats at my home dungeon, so those with allergies will need to make alternate arrangements.  

9.  What I Expect: I expect you to be clean (or you will be asked to shower), sober (I don't care if you've smoked some pot or had a drink or two - sometimes I'll even offer my regulars a beer or glass of wine after our session... as long as you are not on hard drugs or obviously out of it or acting insane when you show up or during the session - absolutely no hard drugs are allowed in my home),  have your donation ready to go, wear normal clothing (you can bring clothes to change into like a maid's outfit, stripper attire, etc.), and have taken care of any preparations I asked you to before the session.  I do not expect gifts, but small unusual gifts for a first time session are always appreciated - I love receiving books, incense, flowers, candles, trinkets, unusual spirits, and other interesting things if that's you're inclination.  Besides that, I expect you to be respectful of my space.

10. What to Expect: We'll usually start off by talking for a few minutes after you arrive... the first time you'll get my cross streets after I receive your deposit or confirm your references, then you are expected to call again when you've parked for the exact address.  You should expect me to answer the door normally and greet you when you arrive.  If you are nervous hopefully the brief chat will allay your nerves and we will get started - what that entails depends entirely on what we've discussed.  As I said, the first session is a getting to know you type of thing where I can get a feel for you, your limits, your likes and dislikes - and can be used to further subsequent sessions.  I will never do a no safe word scene during my first time seeing you.  

11. What NOT to Expect: Besides what I mentioned in the short answers above, my full list of "will nots" is on my Session Info page.