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What I Offer...

I enjoy sessions as simple as sensory deprivation and candle wax with atmospheric hypnotic music, or a good mind fuck, but I can easily venture into that lovely edge play realm that tests the limits of what you can handle.  I take great pleasure in inflicting various torments, often deriving more joy from evoking responses than anything else.  I love masochists.  That being said, I also appreciate being treated like the Goddess I am and enjoy respectful, sincere, submissives, fetishists, and slaves of all types.  I always play safely, sanely, and consensually - I do offer no safeword sessions but will get into that later along with tributes, phone/cam sessions, and video clips.

For now, here are some activites I enjoy one on one listed from light to edge play, the parentheses indicate some possibilities for that interest.  More experienced and heavy players might want to scroll down.

On the lighter side...

Sensation Play (hot wax, ice, feathers, fabric, texture)

Tickling (light to torture)

Bondage (rope, restraints, stocks, gags, saran wrap mummification, duct tape, cock and ball bondage, immobilizing)

Sensory Deprivation (ear plugs, blindfold, gasmask, gimp hood, extended confinement)

Foot Fetish (massage, pampering, trampling, foot gagging, stocking sock pantyhose worship, smelly and dirty or clean, food)

Boot/Shoe Worship (thigh high, PVC, leather, stiletto, mary jane, sneakers, high heels, platforms...)

Smoking Fetish (human ashtray, forced inhalation, hotboxing, burning, cigarettes, cloves, or cigars)

Crossdressing (full makeover, sexy stripper, sissy maid, princess, streetwalker)

Humiliation (verbal, physical, public, nagging wife/gf, personal flaws, face slapping, racial, religious, pie in face, forced consumption, masturbation instuction, cum eating, spitting, small penis)

Roleplay (doctor/patient, dentist/patient, interrogation, teacher/student, therapist/patient, mad scientist, confession, blasphemy, murder fantasy, coroner/dead body, Nazi, just ask!)

Chastity Training (single session or long term, keyholding)

Human Furniture (carpet, welcome mat, footstool, table, lamp)

Financial Domination (single session or long term - you must email me with an Amazon gift card tribute $50+ OR call my Findomme Niteflirt line 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9498841  $50/min to be considered, no free communication)

Domestic and Obedience (learn to properly clean and other domestic duties, punishment and reward, pampering me, CFNM, chores, slave positions, learning to serve me)

Strap on/Dildo Training (sucking my strap on or following  masturbation instruction with dildo, tease and denial, giving me a toy show, sissy training)

Medical Play (from exams to interesting enemas to much more intense edge play)

Impact Play (spanking, flogging, cropping, paddling, caning, more)

CBT (clothespins, clamps, ballbusting, weights/stretching, more)

Nipple Torture (light to severe)

Cupping (fire cupping - basically skin suction)

Light Electrical Play (violet wand, TENs unit low settings - various attachments)

Golden Showers(from the source, voluntary or forced, or even a yellow cocktail or popsicle)

Play Piercing (small to large guage, single to multiple needles, scratching)

Sensual Knife Play (no marks or light marks)

Make A Request  (anything that is not listed as a hard limit of mine on the bottom of the page is fair game - I will be honest about my experience with any activity)

Notes for New Clients & Lighter Players

Most sessions are done out of my home dungeon and are $125-$200 for the hour for scenes that do not involve heavy preparation/setup time, need to replace equipment, or heavy clean up time.  Most of the above is included, just use common sense.   

 If you are nervous we can set up a brief lunch or dinner meeting for $50/hr+ the cost of food and drinks to chat in person before committing to a session.

I do not answer calls from blocked or unknown numbers email instead or send a message using the form on the side of this page.  Please note that you must call me from a number I can call you back on before an appointment can be confirmed.  If you cannot reach me by phone directly send me a text or email versus leaving a voicemail, I rarely check voicemail.  

Please know what you want before calling - There are many activities I participate in and telling me you want to  be dominated is far too vague to inform me whether we are a match or consider how to set up a session that will be fun for us both.  Read over this page and look over what I offer and don't offer for ideas.  

Activities in this section can be less than 60 minutes.  I offer half hour sessions for $100-$130, and brief golden showers, humiliation, etc. up to 10 minutes for $50 if time allows.  Sessions less than 60 minutes are never discounted, don't ask.

Enter the Dark Side...

More experienced players and/or masochists... you can start reading here.  Not everything here is painful, some is more psychological, invasive, or not offered often.  Regarding the more extreme activities in the list, I've never had a problem or a disaster and have been extensively trained.

*I always offer aftercare/rest time if it is required 

*For *very* heavy scenes or scenes involving permanent marks I require videotaped consent and an in person consultation prior  (inquire by email)

*I offer pseudononcosentual scenes and no safeword scenes with negotiation and firmly set limits (inquire by email)

Medical Play (interesting enemas,

suturing, cauterizing, catheterization, male infibulation suturing or

clasping - not removal, saline inflation, sounding, speculums, pseudosurgery)

Electrical Play (TENS unit, sounds, pads, plugs, wands, penis bands, violet wand, taser)
Blood Play (play piercing, permanent piercing, cutting, suturing, knife play, scratching , scarification, scalpels, razors, bloodletting, blood drawing, leeches, abrasion play, irritating wounds, inkless or inked tattoos) 
Corporal, Torture, and Impact (caning, bastinado/falaka, kicking, punching, slapping, kneeing, beatdowns, ballbusting, paddling, sjambok, bamboo splints under nails)
CBT (typical toys, plugging, nailing)

Fire Play (branding strike or cauterizing pen, fire cupping, burning with cigs, lighter, etc.)

Asphyxiation (gasmasks, plastic bags, dunking, choking, foot gagging, forcing strap on deepthroating)

Extreme Degradation/Humiliation (forced feeding, you vomiting + consumption, consuming your own waste, eating dogfood, psychological torture, extended confinement)

Bellybutton Torture (screwdrivers, skin removal)

Fart Fetish (I can fart on command)

Make A Request (anything that is not listed as a hard limit of mine on the bottom of the page is fair game - I will be honest about my experience with any activity)

Notes for Heavy Players

Donations vary for heavier sessions depending on planning required, severity, need to replace equipment, duration, and location. 

I offer overnight and longer sessions with the requirement of either a prior consultation and/or at least 1 previous shorter session.  I can also stage elaborate scenarios such as kidnapping and multi day sessions.  Almost anything is possible with clear communication and set limits.  I will, however, not proceed in planning an elaborate session unless I have seen you before.  As with not answering blocked numbers, I must know you are sincere and will follow through.  Too much work goes into planning these scenes to consider other options, so carefully consider before you jump in and maybe book a shorter appointment first.  

Activities listed in this section must be 60 minutes or more.

For All Sessions

SIMPLE BOOKING PROCESS REWARD: If you keep it simple and to the point when booking and it doesn't require multiple conversations via phone or email, or you trying to get me to convince you to book - just the essential questions, setting time, etc... then you session will be $125/hr.  And thank you in advance for being awesome.

Foot worship only sessions are always $150/hr if done at my home dungeon ($125 with "short simple booking process") - including stocking, sock, and boot worship, trampling, etc.

I offer monthly rates at a discount with a set amount of sessions per month, only at my home dungeon, please inquire via email.

Outcalls are a minimum of 1 hour and  you must provide the transposrtation via Uber/Lyft so there's a record if anything happens/safety.   I offer a very nice $300 for 2 hours deal for outcalls.  My "simple booking process" discount does not apply to outcalls, they are a minimum of $200.

When visiting other cities my rates vary and you may be required to put down a small deposit when pre-booking.   

I occasionally travel upstate and out of state.  I announce travel plans on my Twitter, so keep up - or, if you want me to come to your area contact me and I will consider putting it on my list.  I welcome travel requests.

Phone sessions, video clips, used shoes/panties...

You can call any of my Niteflirt lines for a phone session, or set up a phone session with me at $2/minute 10 minute minimum with payment beforehand via PAYPAL.  If my Niteflirt is not active, send me an email to schedule a phone session.


I am willing to sell some old/worn/smelly high heels, socks, and underwear to those interested starting at $50.  Please inquire via email and let me know what you are looking for.

I will NOT participate in...

The list is not as long as it seems, some is preference/personal and some is common sense.

Handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs... any "jobs" or sex/penetration of me in any way

Brown showers/scat or roman showers from me


Nudity, exotic dancing, massage

Adult baby play or incest fantasies (not my thing)

Beastiality or anything involving the underaged, bugs, or animals (I like animals more than people and will instantly blacklist anyone requesting beastiality, animal abuse, or pedophilia if not take further steps to expose them)

Real castration

Rape fantasies, real pimping (fantasy is okay)

Anything that could end in arrest (like public masturbation), death, or hospitalization

Oral sex, breast worship, rimming, biting, putting my mouth on any part of your body

Body worship besides feet and lower leg (armpit sniffing is okay)

Switching or subbing (okay to request as a video clip with other females, masochist only)

Toy shows on myself (okay to request as a video clip, never in person)

Facesitting/smothering/ass worship (unless it's a fart or scent based sesssion)

Wrestling (knee injury)

Forced intoxication with anything but alcohol or poppers (and if that's the case, you must arrive and leave in a taxi)